Employment Application

Child Protection Background Check


ABA Therapist (formerly known as BHP)-  We are on the leading edge of thought here at Social Significance - If you join our team you will be elevated to the position of ABA Therapist.  We are moving away from the title of BHP which is most commonly utilized in Maine.  In other States BHP's who are trained under BCBA's and who use ABA are titled ABA therapists.  This will set us apart from the others. If this sounds inspiring and interesting to you call today or send us  your resume.  Join our enthusiastic team and work with our clients in their home, the community and our developmental inclusion preschool.How to apply: To apply for this position  fill out an application. Send resumes, applications and questions to dmadruga@socialsignificance.org or call 207-247-7781.

ABA Therapist- We will eventually have all ABA's Therapists trained as Registered Behavior Technician This position requires the following prior to providing any services:

• Be at least 18 years of age

• Completion of, at least, an Associate’s degree in Education, Psychology, Behavioral Sciences, or a related field

• Behavior Technicians providing in-support children’s services under MaineCare (Medicaid) must be certified as a Behavioral Health Professional within one year of employment.

• Behavior Technicians providing school-based services under MaineCare (Medicaid) must be certified as a School-Based Behavioral Health Professional within one year of employment.

• Behavior Technicians providing services in our preschool must be an Educational Technician III.

• Behavior Technicians providing adult services under MaineCare (Medicaid) must be certified as a Direct Service Professional.

• Prior ABA experience with special needs children highly preferred

• Effective oral and written communication skills

• Reliable means of transportation

• All staff must have evidence of on-going training for staff to support competency (initial training as well as annual trainings).

• At least 3 years of experience working with children with Autism or other developmental disabilities

• Pass Federal, State, and County background check

This position will include: • 40 hours in Applied Behavior Analysis techniques and principles in accordance with the BACB Guidelines for Responsible Conduct of Behavior Analysts.

• Behavior Technician/Paraprofessional staff must meet all requirements by the BACB for Registered Behavior Technician Task List as well as obtain RBT Certification and maintain Certification while employed by Social Significance LLC.

Job Functions (includes, but not limited to the following):

• Provide direct services to clients based on current Functional Behavior Assessments, Behavior Intervention Plans, and Skill Acquisition Plans.

• Carry out the Treatment/Behavior Plan that is determined by the supervising BCBA.

• Maintain confidentiality with all client records and information.

• Arrive on time to all schedule appointments.

• Maintain legible up to date records. This includes, but is not limited to the following: sign in sheet, daily session notes, program data, and behavior data.

• Notify supervisor and family for employee initiated cancellations. (Frequent employee cancellations will result in termination.)

• Notify supervisor for any family initiated cancellations.

• Conduct yourself in a professional manner when in the client’s home or in the community with the client. Do not discuss your personal life. Maintain professional boundaries.

• Submit your timesheet on the correct schedule (information given upon hire in offer letter) through your Microsoft Office email

• Be cognizant of how you are spending your time. You are there to provide services for the child.